The village


Kosmas is a historic village of Arcadia, built between the summits of mount Parnon, at an altitude of 1150m.

It is found on the mountainous passage which connects the eastern coast of Peloponnese with the Laconic plains. This route passes though the fabulous gorge of Dafnon and consists part of the famous Tour of Peloponnese. Its distance from Athens is 236km.



It is built at a scenic environment of chestnuts and Abies cephalonica, a rare fir species). It has open horizons to the Soronic gulf, giving spectacular views of the islands Ydra and Spetses.





The houses have been built by the well-known stone builders from Macedonia and Langadia. During WWII, the village was burnt to ashes from Nazi troops, but the villages of Kosmas, carefully restored their houses. 

Today, the architecture of Kosmas is protected by the Ministry of Culture. 





The inhabitats of Kosmas are calm, generous and worm-hearted. They are hard-working and bount to the life of the mountains. They are occupied cultivating the earth, feeding sheeps, goats and other animals for milk or meat. Some work with the bees to produce honey and others collecting roots, herbs or fruits. Lately, a lot of inhabitants are occupied with tourism, a smoothly growing element of Kosmas' life.


The products of Kosmas come mostly from the above occupations. These are vedgetables, herbs, nuts of many kinds, honey, milk, cheese and yogurt, meat etc. All organic and of excellent quality.

We shouldn't forget the fact that many inhabitants "immigrate" for the winter to the Laconic plains, where they cultivate olive trees. As a result, olives and olive oil can be considered a product of Kosmas.